Episode 9

The Privy Council discuss the God Emperor’s upcoming visit, Brexit, the Sapphire Jubilee and more. This episode includes a special performance.

1:00 Our Nige speaking
5:30 Trump’s upcoming state visit
20:30 Impromptu 40k-posting
26:10 Brexit-posting
45:00 The Greyfield Stray –
50:15 D’nation
51:30 Channel4 Alt-Right segment
1:00:30 Labour’s London-pozzing policy
1:01:45 Sapphire Jubilee
1:08:15 Crisis of fatherlessness
1:18:30 Hate hike report
1:22:30 Degenerate of the Week
1:31:50 Nylophone – Patty Cake

Thanks to The Greyfield Stray and Nylophone for the audio.

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  • AragornII

    lol. Fast Britannia…Come for the fascism, stay for the autism. that whole 40k and D&D digression was fucking hilarious.