Episode 6

The Privy Council are joined by David Yorkshire to celebrate the Trumpenreich, discuss the future of UKIP, the vagaries of Brexit, and much more.

1:00 Oswald Mosley on globalism
5:30 Celebrating the Trumpenreich
26:00 The Million Mammary March
32:15 Barron-senpai, leader of the Alt Right
34:45 UKIP update
40:45 Brexit news
59:00 The Greyfield Stray – A Saviour for a Doomed World
1:03:27 D’nation
1:06:15 David Yorkshire
1:18:00 MW and doxing
1:33:30 The obligate TRS “Jew or not Jew” discussion
1:42:30 Degenerate of the Week
1:48:30 Any other business, including website announcement
2:07:15 EU Rope – The Final Red Pill

You can find us on Twitter @fashbritannia, @drcathyprincess and @gfstray. Email and send us money at fashbritannia@gmail.com. David Yorkshire is in many places, including www.mjolnirmagazine.com.

Coming soon: fashbritannia.com – watch this space.

  • Middernacht

    Dare I say, first to comment ever?

  • Creighton James

    Good show.

    Glad to see you goys didn’t go dark after the Enoch dox. Congrats on the site too, needs a bit of sprucing up though.

    • Cathedral Princess

      Thanks, it’s a work in progress.

  • Salacious Interpreter

    Got my Anglophile fix. Great to see (hear?) The Greyfield Stray is less retarded than he seems when bantzing Hazard about monster girls.

  • Great show and always nice to hear from Yorkshire. You have my full support going forward.