Episode 3

The Privy Council are joined by Greg Johnson to discuss Brexit, identitarianism, Harry Potter, and more!

01:00 John Tyndall – The White Problem
03:16 Intro
04:45 Current events/political discussion
Scottish/Welsh “nationalism”
Brexit/Trump parallels
Marine A
British cuckedness
Is there hope for identitarianism in Britain?
NA not actually banned…
…but the BBC should be
American Imperialism – a force for good?
1:08:45 Break – Dance Around Calais by The Greyfield Stray
1:13:30 The Great International Paedo Conspiracy
1:50:15 Harry Potter – bad, Twilight – good
2:00:00 D’nation
2:01:15 Degenerate of the Week
2:17:00 Wrap-up and plugs
2:22:50 London’s Fallen by The Culture Clash (Embassy Recordings on Soundcloud)

Fashy Politics