Episode 12

The Privy Council are back again with a somewhat bitter and highly edited (for a mixture of coughing and potential breach of hatespeech laws) episode of Fash Britannia.

Apologies for the Week Break, Grey was and still is sick.

1:00 London Terror attack reactions
21:30 EU wants to silence British media
28:05 at least I (don’t) have the constitution
30:21 Junker is a cunt
32:24 Buy a Japanese Car to spite the EU, seriously. Do it you faggot.
34:17 Teresa May to talk to nations about Brexit. Tells Scotland to shut the fuck up. Grey tells Ireland to do the same.
41:20 BREAK MUSIC: Dance around The World by The Delta Queens (From Initial D, Because buy a fucking Japanese car.)
46:17 Cough Mixture is a Jewish mind control method
46:40 They’ve just given up at this point NAZI’S EVERYHERE! www.express.co.uk/news/world/78129…lden-Dawn-Nordic
51:45 Unedited Cough, I left it in there just for you.
53:40 Blair and Major tell us that we don’t know what we’re doing voting for Brexit.
1:10:06 No Furries Allowed
1:10:59 Outro song Killer Cars (live) by Radiohead. It… seemed appropriate, both in theme and tone.

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